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Active Shooter Preparedness & Response

Active Shooter Preparedness & Response Seminar...

  • The Active Shooter is an individual who is engaged in the random and indiscriminate killing of the people being encountered in a confined and populated area. Should there be a specific target the shooter is seeking, the shooter will kill, or attempt to kill, all who are encountered as he searches the building for his intended victim.
  • When an Active Shooter enters the workplace, whether it is your organization, a shopping mall, store, or another business you are visiting, the event will be unexpected, unpredictable, and it will be extremely violent and will evolve quickly and chaotically. Your response, as well as how your employees, managerial personnel, and visitors respond to the Active Shooter, will prove to be the determining factor in how many individuals survive the assault. Preparing for, as well as responding appropriately, to an Active Shooter who enters the workplace requires a comprehensive training program so that you and your personnel will know how to respond. Your basic responses when an Active Shooter enters the workplace are: Evade the shooter, escape from the building, hide from the shooter when escape is not possible, and the engagement of the shooter when you are trapped and there are no other options available.
  • The security professionals at Lehigh Valley Paladin, LLC have designed and developed a comprehensive four (4) hour seminar to address the needs of a wide variety of businesses, educational facilities, medical facilities, and professional firms. This seminar will address how to prepare for the eventuality of an Active Shooter event, what you can and need to do along with how to respond once an Active Shooter enters the workplace, as well as what you need to do and how to manage the aftermath of an Active Shooter event. The following bullet list is an abbreviated overview of the topics to be addressed in our Active Shooter seminar:
    • Characteristics of the Attack
    • Characteristics of the Active Shooter
    • Domestic Violence and an Active Shooter Scenario
    • Calling 911
    • Emergency Notification Protocols
    • Safe Rooms
    • Sheltering in Place – Pros & Cons
    • Evacuation Planning
    • Internal Crisis Response Team
    • How to Act and Respond when Law Enforcement Arrives
    • Executive Vulnerability
    • Targets of Opportunity
    • Symbolic Targets
    • Commonalities & Lessons Learned
    • Preparing for an Active Shooter Event
    • Creating a Crisis Response Package
    • And so Much More …
  • It is important to acknowledge the fact that the majority of the Active Shooters who enter the workplace will be known to one or more of your employees. The Active Shooter may be a current or former employee, a disgruntled client or customer, or an intimate partner of one of your employees. Education and Planning, along with well-established and communicated company policies, procedures, and guidelines are essential when addressing the issue of this type of violence entering the workplace.
  • Our Active Shooter in the Workplace Seminar can be conducted at your facility, or we can arrange on your behalf an off-site meeting location. Additionally, the security professionals at Lehigh Valley Paladin, LLC are available to consult with you and your organization with a risk assessment, analysis, and the evaluation of your facilities through the concept, design, and implementation of a structured plan of action to deal with these horrific events.
  • Our Seminars, Workshop, and Professional Development Programs have been approved for CLE – Continuing Legal Education Credits and Continuing Education Programs for HRCI, SHRM, and many others!
  • For detailed information on our Active Shooter in the Workplace Seminar, as well as the nature and scope of the advisory and consulting services we can provide, please do not hesitate to contact us. For information on scheduling this seminar as an internal continuing education program for your administrative, managerial, and security personnel, please contact our Training Director, Dr. Diana Sorrentino.