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Lehigh Valley Paladin, LLC security & intelligence professionals are former Law Enforcement Officers & Investigative Professionals; along with Military Intelligence Analysts & Intelligence Operatives. Our professionals; as well as our contracted agents, include: Psychologists, Sociologists & Private Investigators.

Headquartered in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, serving clients throughout the entire commonwealth,  we provide customized services which include; but are not limited to, Behavioral Analysis, Critical Incident Management, Workplace Violence Prevention, Threat Assessment & Management, Active Shooter Preparedness, Security Consulting & Advisory Services, along with Corporate Workshops, In-service Training & Public Professional Development Seminars.

We invite you to surf through our website for an introduction to our capabilities and a detailed overview of our professional services.

The clients who engage our Professional Services include:

Corporations - Public & Private ; Hospitals, Healthcare Systems & Medical Facilities; Municipal, County & State Government Agencies; Public & Private Schools - Primary & Secondary Schools, Colleges, Universities & Trade Schools; Houses of Worship; Physicians; Corporate Executives as well as Professional Trade and Not-for-Profit Service Organizations.

While these categories provide for a general overview of the nature and scope of our clientele; our professional security and protective services are routinely utilized by individuals and small groups solely for the peace of mind which is provided when in the company of an armed security professional

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The client's confidentiality is as important as the discreet professional consultation, security, professional development and escort services we provide. As such; client information is never discussed, disclosed, shared or utilized for any purpose whatsoever!

Security and confidentiality is important before, during, as well as after our engagement with our clients.