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Behavioral Analysis Workshop

Behavioral Analysis Workshop Seminar...

The Behavioral Analysis Workshop, the process of profiling an individual’s behavior, is the means by which we work to identify and assess the behavioral characteristics which historically have led to outbreaks of violence in the workplace or against a targeted individual or group of individuals. Behavioral Analysis, the profiling of behavioral patterns, is an integral component of Workplace Violence Prevention as well as Threat Assessment, Intervention, and Management.

The security professionals at Lehigh Valley Paladin, LLC have designed and developed a Professional Development Seminar to address the needs of a wide variety of businesses, educational facilities, medical facilities, and professional firms. This seminar will introduce you to the means by which you can recognize the warning signs, which will precede Violent Actions through Behavioral Analysis & Profiling. The following bullet list is an abbreviated overview of the topics to be addressed in our seminar:

  • Recognizing Behavioral Anomalies
  • Assessing Individual Behavior
  • Behavioral Analysis – Profiling Individual Behavior
  • Components of Behavioral Analysis
  • Behavioral Analysis – A Multistage Process
  • Process Variables
  • Behavioral Traits – Communication vs. Performance
  • Violence Classifications
  • Definition of Violence
  • N.I.O.S.H. – National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health Studies
  • Behavioral Indicator
  • Influence & Importance of Inhibitors
  • Behavioral Traits
  • Psychopaths, Sociopaths, and Psychotics

As well as an in-depth review, assessment, and analysis of select case studies from the United States Department of Justice, we will invest half of this seminar’s time assessing and analyzing these cases.

The threat may originate from a current or former employee, a disgruntled client or customer, an intimate partner of one of your employees, or from anyone. Education and planning, along with well-established and communicated company policies, procedures, and guidelines are essential when addressing the issue of this type of violence entering the workplace.