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Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral Analysis is the analysis of a person's psychological and behavioral characteristics, so as to assess or predict their capabilities in a certain sphere or to assist in identifying a particular subgroup of people. Profiling, which is the analysis of an individual’s behavior, is routinely used to identify positive, as well as negative threatening and potentially dangerous behavior. Behavioral Analysis is the process of profiling an individual’s behavior and is the means by which we work to identify and assess the behavioral characteristics, which historically have led to outbreaks of violence in the workplace or against a targeted individual or group of individuals. Behavioral Analysis, the profiling of behavioral patterns, is an integral component of Workplace Violence Prevention as well as Threat Assessment, Intervention, and Management.

Addressing Inappropriate Workplace Behavior:

  • Employee behavioral issues will present themselves in many different ways from the occasional “He is Just Having a Bad Day” - he woke up on the wrong side of the bed; to the employee displaying behavior which is deteriorating, unpredictable, inappropriate, threatening or bizarre and not consistent with their regular demeanor and employment history.
  • The question; which too many employers and coworkers choose to avoid, is whether or not there is a serious behavioral or emotional issue existing or developing. And; of equal importance, is the question of whether or not these changes will lead to self-destructive personal or familial behavior or Violence in the Workplace. Too many employers believe if they ignore the problem it will either rectify itself or just go away on its own accord. Ignoring the signs and symptoms will never eliminate a behavioral problem which is manifesting itself with-in an individual.
  • Some employers chose to eliminate the problem through an immediate termination of employment. If this employee’s work-product and overall performance warrants dismissal then termination would be a proper course of action. Should an immediate termination prove warranted; and the employee is separated, what is the likelihood that there will be repercussions against the company or the employees of the company following the employee’s release? However; if the employee has value to the company and there is a desire by management to work with the employee in an attempt to address and correct their behavior an assessment of the employee’s current behavioral “Issues” and a “Corrective & Management Plan of Action” will be required.
  • Many employers contact our organization when an employee’s behavior begins to raise concerns about the employee’s performance; how they are interacting with coworkers or their direct reports; as well as how to address and manage the individual and their behavior. Unfortunately; due to the fact that behavioral issues are beyond the expertise and understanding of most individuals in management or human resources, the signs and symptoms that a Behavioral Issue is developing and requires attention routinely slips through the cracks.
  • Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation copy of the general characteristics (warning signs) which will provide you with an overview of a basic Check List of the types of behavioral issues which may indicate that your employee is in need of assistance or; that the employee may be on a Path to Intended Violence. The Lehigh Valley Paladin Security & Intelligence Professionals; sociologists, psychologists, current and former law enforcement personnel are available to assist you in dealing with negative employee behavioral issues or outright workplace violence.