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Critical Incident & Crisis Management

Critical Incident Response, Intervention, and Management is the process by which we intervene to work with the management and security personnel or your organization as an emergency response to a critical event (crisis) which may be developing, is in the early stage of development, or in response to a critical incident or event has already taken place. Lehigh Valley Paladin security professionals work with your executive management team to design, develop, implement, and manage the execution of a Critical Incident (Crisis) Response and a Critical Incident Management Plan, which will specifically meet the needs of your business or organization.

Response, Mitigation, Recovery & Survival:

Critical Incident & Crisis Management:

  • Planning for the Unexpected – Responding to a Critical Incident
  • Managing the Critical Incident (Crisis) to Minimize Losses
  • Effective & Timely Resumption & Continuation of Business Operations

Critical Incident & Crisis Management Plans designed and developed in compliance with:

National Incident Management Systems & Incident Command Systems Protocols

  • A Critical Incident (Crisis) is any event or situation that seriously, unexpectedly and immediately threatens one or more of an organization's vital assets:
  • Life, Property, Operations, Income & Reputation
  • Would your business or organization survive a Critical Incident (Crisis) which would directly; or indirectly, impact your operations? What type of Critical Incidents; internal or external, might eventually impact your organization? All you would need to do is listen to, or read, daily news accounts to learn firsthand the types of events; Critical Incidents (Crisis), which adversely impact businesses and organizations on a regular basis. Unfortunately; far too many business and organizations still believe that:
  • “It will never happen here” or “It will not happen to us”
  • Factually; based on statistical percentages, it might never happen to you. However; when it does happen, the probability is significantly high that your business or organization would never recover.
  • Emergency exits and fire exits in restaurants, oxygen masks and flotation devices in airplanes and airbags in our cars - these are all carefully thought-out safety devices designed to help us survive emergency (crisis) situations. No one ever wants to have to use these things. However it is very comforting; not to mention reassuring, to know they are there?
  • In our homes, we have all mapped out the quickest way to get to a window or door in case of a fire and have contingency plans in case the first exit is blocked. We have homeowners insurance; even though the percentages are in your favor, to protect against fire, theft or legal liability. Why?
  • Similarly, all businesses and organizations need to establish Critical Incident (Crisis) Management plans to ensure the safety of their employees, the survival of their business or organization and the safety of the citizens in the surrounding community in times of emergency. A comprehensive Critical Incident (Crisis) Management Plan; coupled with a Business Resumption and Business Continuation Plan, is essential and will protect you, your employees, your business or organization should a crisis occur. Preparation will also help you cover all the angles making sure you do not neglect critical steps required to effectively respond to the Critical Incident.
  • Planning for your organization begins with a "Hazard Vulnerability Analysis" of your facility and the buildings, facilities and transport lines in your immediate area. These would include, but nit limited to, the following:
  • Accidents or injuries, workforce stike or walkout, an employee or member with AIDS or other life-threatening disease, armed robbery or active shooter incident, bomb threat, civil emergency, death of an employee or visitor, discrimination suit, earthquake or natural disaster, environmental violation, explosions, fire, flood, foodborne illness, gas or hazardous substance leak, hostage situation, loss of electricity or water, extended loss of electric power, sexual harassment suit, vandalism or domestic or intimate violence which has entered the workplace.

Our Security & Intelligence Professionals will work with you and your organization to conduct a detailed Hazard Vulnerability Analysis which is the process by which we identify those Risk & Exposures facing your organization. These Risks & Hazards can be external to your organization in addition to those which are routinely found with-in your facility. Once identified; a "Critical Incident / Crisis Response Plan" will be designed, developed and implemented.