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De-Escalation Seminar...

Dealing with Difficult People. 

Communication, Control & Intervention Concepts and Techniques for the De-Escalation of Agitated, Angry, Aggressive, Troublesome or Emotionally Charged Individuals.

  • This seminar workshop will address the emotional triggers which typically drive the actions and emotional responses of individuals expressing unacceptable, agitated or violent behavior.
  • Additionally; concepts and techniques to calm or defuse an emotionally charged individual will be addressed in a workshop format. Emotionally charged individuals cannot be de-escalated with-out a comprehensive understanding of the emotions which drive behavior; as well as the issues which will drive an individual to express inappropriate behavior.
  • Our society has become all the more aggressive and hostile with violence becoming the norm for dealing with personal or professional challenges or issues. This program addresses the ways and means to de-escalate aggressive behavior with-out inadvertently pouring gasoline on a raging fire.