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Understanding Aggressive & Antagonistic Behavior

Lehigh Valley Paladin, LLC

Understanding Aggressive & Antagonistic Behavior

Seminar will provide for a detailed Understanding of the Cognitive Basis, Underlying Biases & the psychological Influences which drives  Aggression, Anger, Hate, Hostility & Violence  as well as well as a means of Identification and Intervention

Employees displaying; either overtly or covertly, Behavioral, Interpersonal or Social Problems (Aggressive, Hostile & Antagonistic Behavior) with-in the workplace have become an ongoing problem for management; not to mention coworkers, as it negatively impacts cooperation, morale, homeostasis, productivity and the overall operating environment of the organization.

Aggression and Violence has become far too common a response as individuals become all the more desensitized to aggression and violence in general as well as the perceived necessity to incorporate a hostile response to anything that, or anyone who, might prove to be an afront to the individual.

Failure to address and neutralize these behaviors; to the degree possible as many of these individuals cannot and will not modify or change their behavioral traits, has repeatedly proven to be the precursor to serious issues of Workplace Aggression, Harassment, Violence and Active Shooter Events.

This program will address the Cognitive, Behavioral and Ideological basis and biases which underly and drive Aggressive, Hostile, Antagonistic & Violent behavior. Once addressed; the Human Resource Professional and Senior Management will be better able to recognize the behavioral elements along with the overt and covert warning signs so that immediate or early intervention can be pursued.

Cognitive Basis, Biases and the Elements of Ideological Influences to be addressed and discussed will include:

  • Malevolent Transformation
  • Issues of Self-Esteem
  • Issues of Self-Image and Social Image
  • Composites of Beliefs
  • Personalization and Engagement
  • Dichotomous Thinking
  • Counter Attacks – Restoring the Balance of Power
  • Automatic Framing
  • Imperatives
  • Protection of Rights and the Fulfillment of Needs
  • Hostility of Beliefs
  • Reactive Assaulters
  • Psychopaths & Sociopaths
  • The Images of the Enemy
  • Clash of Images
  • Theory of the Mind
  • Anger & Hostility
  • Empathy – Specifically the Lack Thereof
  • Personal Problems
  • Anger Prone Individuals
  • Reactive Offenders
  • Predisposition to Violence

Understanding the underlying factors driving Behavior is an essential first step in addressing the behavior and implementing the appropriate intervention.

Please contact us through our WebSite for information on how this program can be presented to your supervisory and management staff.